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Boatcare Courses

Boatcare Trading Ltd provides professional marine courses including powerboat courses, shore-based courses and sailing courses. Get your nautical licence and become a qualified mariner today!

Sailing Courses

Travelling the sea under sail is to live an intimate harmony between man and his works and nature. There is a thrill about working with nature to produce enormous power simply through a combination of your own effort and the resources nature and the sea provide, without relying on a noisy, fuel-thirsty engine.
Sailing is, as a result, one of the most complete experiences for anyone who enjoys adventure, the outdoors, the sea and nature. Malta is ideal for this, located in the middle of the Mediterranean. The island’s climate means it is possible to sail for almost the entire year, and touring Malta on a sailing yacht gives you a unique perspective on the country.


Sailing is, however, a skill that needs to be developed if you are to participate fully in the experience.


Learning to Sail
If you have never set foot on a boat before, our sailing courses are designed to get you started on the right tack. Sailing is a very open activity and sport, one that anybody can participate in and enjoy, regardless of age. Everyone from young people and children to more mature individuals can find a way to get onto the sea and sail. It is never too late – or too early! – to learn to sail!
The courses we run are also well suited to people who have done some occasional sailing, not just absolute novices. People who want to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the sport of sailing will be able to benefit from the training our instructors provide.


Our Instructors
There are three things you want from a good instructor: highly developed skills in both sailing and teaching, and a passion for the sea and the sport. Our instructors have all of that, and are passionate about introducing you to the true spirit of the sea.

Their approach to teaching is both friendly and informal, emphasizing the fun and humour of sailing. This does not mean that they are less than rigorous in what they impart: the quality of the teaching is impeccable.
What our and our instructors’ approach means is that your experience with us will be as enjoyable as it is instructive – the ideal combination for any learning activity! Call us to find out how we can help you get out to sea safely, while having lots of fun!


Start Sailing
This course is aimed at the complete novice who would like to try sailing for the first time before signing up to a Day Skipper Course or a more advanced course. The weekend is run by friendly instructors who understand you may be apprehensive. The emphasis is on fun and enjoyment and we are sure you will not want to leave at the end of the course!
2 Day Course. For further details, kindly send an email on: info@boatcarelimited.com


Competent Crew
The Competent Crew introduces the absolute beginner to the delights of sailing aboard a cruising yacht. It is also an ideal stepping stone for dinghy sailors to try yachting and for those who have already done some crewing but wish to learn the right way. At the end of the 5 days you will have become, as the name suggests, a competent (and confident) member of the crew. The course is designed to provide as much fun and enjoyment as possible in a safe and reassuring environment. It includes spending 5 days and one night on the yacht.
5 Day Course. For further details, kindly send an email on: info@boatcarelimited.com


Day Skipper Shorebased Theory
A prerequisite for the day skipper course - 40 hours of intensive sessions which will prepare you with everything you need to know about navigation and helmsmanship before becoming a skipper.
40 hour course. For further details, kindly send an email on: info@boatcarelimited.com


Day Skipper Practical
Skippering a yacht for the first time can be a daunting yet exhilarating experience. The Day Skipper practical course is designed to teach you to "Take Charge" safely and confidently. A skipper does much more than navigate. They are responsible for the complete safety and wellbeing of the yacht and crew. These responsibilities include weather forecasting, victualling, engine maintenance, sail selection and handling, passage planning, watch keeping, navigation and pilotage. If you complete the course successfully and you merit the Day Skipper license, you will be able to charter sailing yachts if up to 14 meters and sail up tp 60 miles from a safe Haven.
5 Day Course. For further details, kindly send an email on: info@boatcarelimited.com


Coastal Skipper
This course is an ideal bridge between Day Skipper course and the full Offshore Coastal examination course. The course is designed to give an experienced Day Skipper the confidence to undertake longer and more complex passages which may involve sailing at night and involve watch keeping systems.

5 Day Course. For further details, kindly send an email on: info@boatcarelimited.com


OffshorePrep & Exam
To attain the Offshore course, candidates must pass a practical examination of their skippering ability. A Offshore is capable of skippering the yacht on extended offshore passages by day or night. The examiner will ask each candidate to skipper the yacht on several short passages and complete various demonstrations of their skippering and sailing ability over the course of the weekend.

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