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Brands - Malta

Boatcare Trading Ltd is the official Malta distributor for some of the most renowned and trusted international yacht brands.
These include:
Seabob Malta, Services Malta, Seabob in Malta


The Seabob is a high-end electric underwater scooter, made in Germany, designed to explore the surface of the sea and/or beneath it. Excellent handling, unique agility and e...
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TREM Malta, Services Malta, TREM agents in Malta


TREM is the leading Italian company in Europe and worldwide for the production and marketing of accessories for nautical, camping and leisure. The company is a complex ...
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Gioco Solution Solar Panels Malta, Services Malta, Gioco Solution Solar Panels in Malta

Gioco Solution Solar Panels

Flexible solar panels for boats and motorhomes , solar energy and sustainable mobility are Giocosolutions’ key words. The first engine t...
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Boats & Yachts Warranty Malta, Services Malta, Boats and Yachts Extended Warranty in Malta

Boats & Yachts Warranty

Boatcare Trading Limited’s boat warranty plans provide extensive coverage that give yacht owners peace of mind from any unanticipated repair expenses.   ...
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Alrose British Gas Springs Malta, Services Malta, ALROSE BRITISH GAS SPRINGS Agents IN MALTA

Alrose British Gas Springs

Alrose Products Ltd is a British Gas Springs and Gas Struts manufacturer for the maritime and offshore industry. Alrose manufactures and sells the best quality gas springs a...
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Schenker Watermakers Malta, Services Malta, Schenker water makers in Malta

Schenker Watermakers

12/24 VDC Battery-Powered Marine Water Makers The traditional reverse osmosis water makers make use of high pressure pumps to increase the pressure of t...
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Allavelli Corde Malta, Services Malta, Boat Ropes Allavelli in Malta

Allavelli Corde

Allavelli is one of the top international marine rope makers for Yachts and Boats.     Allavelli manufactures resistant and elegant marine ropes ...
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Seacurity Marine Safety Equipment Malta, Services Malta, Marine Safety Equipment in Malta

Seacurity Marine Safety Equipment

Boat Safety equipment   SeaCurity GmbH specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of security equipment of all kinds for both professio...
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Douglas Marine Malta, Services Malta, douglas marine mooring springs malta

Douglas Marine

High marine grade stainless steel products   Boatcare Trading Ltd is the Official Distributor for Douglas Marine products in Malta . Douglas Marine S.r.l. ...
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Inmare Malta, Services Malta, Inamre Representative in Malta


Marine fenders and shock absorbers   Boatcare Trading Ltd is the Official Distributor for INMARE in Malta .   There are very few countries...
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Carboway Gangways Malta, Services Malta, ship gangway Malta

Carboway Gangways

AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGY, MODERN DESIGN, LIGHTNESS CARBOWAY gangways are built in vacuum bag of carbon fibers and airex sandwich, the charateristics of their shape have be...
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Italia Marine Malta, Services Malta, Boat Cleaning Products in Malta

Italia Marine

Boat Maintenance products    Boatcare Trading Ltd is the official distributor for Italia Marine in Malta .   Italia Marine is a young...
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Dulon Malta, Services Malta, Dulon Agent Malta


Dulon cleaning and maintenance products   Boatcare Trading Ltd is the official distributor for Dulon Yacht products in Malta.   Since 198...
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Anchor Marine Fenders Malta, Services Malta, Anchor Marine Agents Malta

Anchor Marine Fenders

Marine fenders   Boatcare Trading Ltd is the official distributor for Anchor Marine Fenders in Malta.   Anchor Marine Fenders is an estab...
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Applelec Yacht Signage Malta, Services Malta, Applelec Agents Malta

Applelec Yacht Signage

Yacht signs    Boatcare Trading Ltd is the official distributor for Applelec Yacht in Malta.   Applelec Yacht specialize in three-di...
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