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Malta has a lot to offer to superyacht owners and crews, starting with location. Strategically positioned at the centre of the Mediterranean, the island offers a good base from which to take off to its most sought after cruising grounds. It is not on the Côte d’Azur or the Costa Smeralda – but they are only a short sail away. And at the same time, the playgrounds of the Eastern Mediterranean among the Greek Islands, the Dalmatian coast and Turkey are easily accessible, as are the spectacular coastlines of Egypt, Tunisia or Morocco.

Malta offers more than just location. All the services a large, well-run super yacht needs are available. The technical services, engineering and supplies are among the best available anywhere, at very attractive rates for the quality of service supplied. When taken with the availability of duty-free fuel and supplies, Malta begins to look like a very cost-effective place to base a superyacht, or just as a place to do maintenance, pick up supplies or embark guests.

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If you intend visiting Malta, either for pleasure or to undertake maintenance or other work aboard, please feel free to contact Boatcare. We can provide wide range of services to make your stay more enjoyable and fruitful. Whether it is someone to help organize berthing and restaurant or taxi reservations, or a complete refit, or even registration under the Malta flag, Boatcare can provide a cost effective quotation and the quality of service and workmanship the most demanding superyacht owners and skippers expect.

Here is a list of all superyacht agency services offered by boatcare to superyachts in Malta and around the world.

  • RIB escort to berth on arrival
  • Clearing of vessels with customs, immigration
  • Berth bookings
  • Guardianage
  • Repairs Steel-Wood-GRP-Carbon Fibre
  • Sail repairs
  • Rigging and Splicing
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Provisioning
  • Refit management
  • Crew placement
  • Duty free equipment purchase
  • Duty free shipment clearance and delivery
  • Duty free fuel bunker, arrangement & delivery
  • Freight forwarding
  • Ground transportation
  • Maltese Flag registration
  • Cruising advice
  • Banking Assistance
  • Worldwide courier & mailing address
  • Private Chauffeur Driven tours of Malta
  • Travel arrangements- including private jet
  • Meet & Greet service
  • Reservations & information on the best hotels, restaurants, golf courses etc
  • Car rental
  • Interior Design and Floral displays
  • Phone leasing
  • Legal assistance
  • Computer assistance
  • Medical assistance
  • Security Assistance & Body Guard Service

On approaching Malta, Yachts are to contact Valletta Port Control on V.H.F Channel 09/12 when the vessel is not less than 12 Nautical Miles from the nearest shore.

If you wish to avail yourselves of our services, all you have to do is to call our 24/7 emergency number +356 79300680 and our team will make all the necessary arrangements and preparations for your arrival.

However, especially during the cruising months and in the case of larger yachts, it is advisable to contact us beforehand to enable us to serve you better.



If you had something else in mind, please call us – this list is not exhaustive!

Distance from other Meditterranean Ports to Malta

City Miles City Miles
Syracuse 86 Marseilles 635
Tunis 222 Barcelona 666
Corfu 370 Venice 734
Piraeus 517 Alexandria 822
Genoa 580 Gibratar 996
Monte Carlo 600    


If you have any questions regarding Boatcare's superyacht repair and maintenance services, or would like a quotation for the cost of yard works on your boat, kindly email us.

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