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Malta Yacht Charters

Charter a yacht in Malta and discover the beauty of the Maltese coast line. Enjoy the luxury of cruising around this lovely island, whilst spending a relaxed day with family and friends and enjoying total privacy.

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Want to organize a party for nearly 60 people or have your next corporate event on a boat? This Light Catamaran is perfect for sunbathing and cruising throughout the Maltese Islands  for ...

€ 1,120  per day
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Charter an astonishing Sunseeker Predator 62 Yacht in Malta and enjoy a luxury charter. This boat will allow you to relax and enjoy the Maltese sunshine since you will have an experienced skipp...

€ 2,882  per day
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This Ranieri 940 with 350hp Yamaha V6 is available for bareboat charters.

€ 635  per day
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This Nautica Cab 870 with 2 X Yamaha 150 is available for bareboat charters.

€ 550  per day
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Spoil yourself this summer by chartering this Bavaria 38 Sport with 8 of your family or friends and experience the Maltese coast from a different perspective!

€ 1,250  per day
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The Cranchi 36 is an astonishing motor yacht that comes well equipped with all your boating needs. This is the ideal boat to charter for long days out at sea with your family and friends. 

€ 1,200  per day
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Experience the Maltese islands differently with this 17m motor vessel. It can hold up to 154 guests making it perfect for large group events.

€ 1,695  per day
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This 25.5m motor vessel can hold up to 136 guests and its perfect to cruise around the Maltese islands.

€ 1,695  per day
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This 34m motor vessel is perfect to cruise around the Maltese islands while enjoying the comfort of ample space on board. She can hold up to 150 guests on the lower deck and another 233 gu...

€ 3,180  per day
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Charter a yacht in Malta and discover the beauty of the Maltese coast line. Enjoy the luxury of cruising around this lovely island, whilst spending a relaxed day with family and friends and enjoying total privacy.   Our vast selection of modern sailing or motor yachts will leave you stunned and spoilt for choice. Be it for corporate or leisure events we offer comprehensive charter holidays whilst making sure that we never fail to give you individual professional at...


Charter a yacht in Malta and discover the beauty of the Maltese coast line. Enjoy the luxury of cruising around this lovely island, whilst spending a relaxed day with family and friends and enjoying total privacy.

Our vast selection of modern sailing or motor yachts will leave you stunned and spoilt for choice. Be it for corporate or leisure events we offer comprehensive charter holidays whilst making sure that we never fail to give you individual professional attention. With a vast experience, spanning over 20 years, we at Boatcare are in a position to guarantee you the adventure of a lifetime whilst ensuring carefree sailing and safe secure yachting experiences.
We provide skippered charters for families, small groups as well as large groups of 100 people and more. Luxury yachts for bareboat charters are also available for experienced navigators who want to enjoy the freedom of cruising around the Maltese Islands.
We also organise Malta Day Cruises, Valletta Grand Harbour Cruises, Sunset Cruises as well as charters to Gozo, Comino and the amazing Blue Lagoon, rated as one of the World’s Top Ten bathing areas for its crystal clear waters. 



Malta is the perfect Mediterranean location to charter a sailing yacht.


Boatcare offers you the chance to charter our yachts either bareboat or skippered, giving you the opportunity to explore the wonderful bays, anchorages and beaches while relaxing on-board and enjoying the serene warm waters of the Maltese Islands.


Our fleet is made up of new sailing yachts, fully insured and equipped to ensure your stay on-board is a worry-free and relaxing experience. Yacht charter in Malta this season with Boatcare Trading Limited.





Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is by far the most magnificent beach of the Maltese Islands. It is renowned for its crystal clear blue waters, which are hailed as being among the top 10 in the world. The Blue Lagoon is located on the small exotic island of Comino, which lies between Malta and its sister island Gozo. Comino is 2.5 square kilometres in size - there are no roads and hence no cars - and offers a beautiful jagged coastline with countless small creeks, sea caves and a pretty lagoon. The Blue Lagoon was featured many times in international movies, most notably in Madonna’s most recent movie Swept Away, and the mini-series Helen of Troy. Also on Comino lies St Mary’s Tower, which was featured in the classic movie “The Count of Monte Cristo”. Boatcare offers bareboat and skippered boat charters to Comino, enabling you to take enjoy the fantastic waters of the Blue Lagoon. 




Mgarr ix-Xini Bay Malta

Mgarr ix-Xini bay is an enchanting secluded beach in Gozo, perfect for swimming, snorkelling and diving. This once isolated inlet is becoming increasingly popular with locals and tourists, and hit International Headlines after Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced that they will shoot a movie here in August 2014.  The beach enjoys a narrow inlet which is flanked by high rocky surroundings, and has a small pebbled beach at the head of the inlet which provides a sweet slope into the water. Mġarr Ix-Xini was used by the Knights to hide their galleys and was also used by the invading Turks to load captive Gozitans onto their ships in the worst-ever raid on the island in 1551, known as The Great Siege. A historic watchtower built by the Knights of St John in 1661 still stands guard over the entrance to the inlet. The bay is especially loved by divers who are fascinated by the several intriguing caves in the cliff faces as well as the nearby wreck of the scuttled ferryboat called “Xlendi". Boatcare provides various yachts for charter to Mgarr ix-Xini Bay.




Limits of Mellieha

Anchor Bay

Charter a yacht in Malta and lay anchor in Anchor Bay, the tiny picturesque inlet internationally renowned as “Popeye Village”. This is where the 1979 film starring Robin Williams as Popeye was shot. After more than three decades since the movie was produced, Popeye's “Sweethaven” village is still occupying the craggy slopes of Anchor Bay, an isolated cove just one kilometre west of Mellieha Bay, Malta’s largest sandy beach. Although 30 years have passed, the village film set is still one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Malta. This charming inlet is also used by fishermen who perch on the little quay left by the film set.





Limits of Mellieha

Armier Bay


Armier Bay is the north of Malta, limits of Mellieha. Many foreigners and locals love to lay anchor in Armier Bay. Armier beach has sandy and rocky beaches that spread around the shore of an open bay at the very northern coast of Malta. The sandy bay lies opposite the Maltese Islands of Comino and Gozo. Bars, small restaurants and a lido provide the necessary beach facilities in a beautiful rural environment. Armier is a very popular spot with lovers of barbecues and picnics. Contact us to find out more about Malta Yacht Charters to Armier Bay. 





North of Malta

St Paul's Bay Islands

St Paul’s Bay, which incorporates Buġibba and Qawra, together form Malta's largest sea-side resort towns. The beautiful coastline of these tourist havens has a wonderful promenade that stretches from Salina Bay to St. Paul's Bay, and includes some of the Maltese Islands' most enchanting open sea views. Most of the beaches have rocky shores which are highly accessible to bathers. The rocks are flat and provide amazing sun-bathing spots. The waters are deep and generally clean, and very safe for bathing. Many sea lovers prefer to enjoy the open seas by Motor Boat Charter. Laying anchor around these islands a favourite with bathers who love to enjoy the open seas while being few hundred metres away from shore.





Azure WindowDwejra Bay is considered as the Maltese Archipelago’s most spectacular natural landmark. One can say that geology, time and the Mediterranean Sea have worked together to produce some of the most extraordinary scenery on the Islands - The Azure Window, famous for appearing in many movies, the Inland Sea, Fungus Rock, the sheer cliffs and an most-amazing rocky coastline. Apart from the topography visible above the sea and on the ground, there are also some mesmerizing underwater caves which provide excellent dive sites. The Azure Window, a table-like rock over the sea, is one of the most photographed panoramas of the Maltese Islands, and it is particularly spectacular during winter when waves crash high inside the arch. The Azure Window also featured in Blockbusters like Clash of the Titans (1981) and The Count of Monte Cristo (2002), as well as the TV miniseries The Odyssey (1997) and HBO's TV series Game of Thrones. The Inland Sea, and Dwejra Bay itself, were created millions of years ago when two limestone caves collapsed. The shallow inland lagoon is linked to the sea via a 50-metre cave. The sea is loved by fishermen, swimmers and is also used as an access point for divers. Overlooking the lagoon is the Chapel of St. Anne, built in 1963 on the site of a much older church. The other natural landmark here is the renowned Fungus Rock.



Golden Bay Malta
Golden Bay derives its name from the golden sand that lies on this wonderful beach, which is also one of the few beaches in Malta that has a backdrop of trees. Each year thousands of locals and tourists flock to the beach of Golden Bay to sunbathe and relax under the sun and bathe in its amazing waters. Golden Bay is located in the NW of Malta and is also a favourite spot for BBQ lovers who start gathering in the early evenings to set up their BBQs.  Right adjacent to this beach lies the majestic Radisson Blu hotel complex. While the water is usually safe for swimming with common safe buoys that are found all over the island, sometimes there may be strong currents but in such instances red flags are exposed to inform bathers that the waters on the day are a bit rough and therefore they have to stick to shallow areas. This bay is especially loved by Malta yacht leasing aficionados who always choose to spend a week or two anchored outside this wonderful beach.




St. Peter's Pool

St. Peter's Pool is a magnificent “natural” pool which many find ideal to unwind away from the busier tourist spots. St. Peter’s Pool lies close to the fishing village of Marsaxlokk, at the tip of Delimara Point in the southwest of Malta. The azure and light green crystalline sea offers an exceptional snorkelling experience; the flat rocks provide the ideal sunbathing areas; while the high rocks offer some shade from the strong sun. Beach ladders provide easy and safe access to the sea and the more adventurous bathers have the option of diving safely into the waters from a few metres high. St Peter’s Pool is popular with the locals, especially for those living in nearby villages and with tourists who are looking for a quieter place to spend their day. However, due to its remote location and bad roads leading there it’s rarely ever crowded and you can always find a spot just for yourself. Make sure to take whatever you need for a day out as there are no facilities whatsoever.    



Mediterranean yacht charter countries and islands are unparalleled in their natural beauty, cultural and folkloristic heritage, passion, fascination and stylishness. In previous times the Mediterranean was considered as the centre of the known and civilized world, but for yacht charter vacations, it still is till this very day! The warm, serene Mediterranean Sea with its clear azure waters maintains a distinct reputation for yachting enthusiasts from around the world. The sunny Mediterranean is divided into two main areas - The Western Mediterranean and the Eastern Mediterranean. Both areas are culturally unique, and both are surrounded with exotic beaches, veiled coves, grandiose ports and luxury yacht marinas. Yachts of all shapes and sizes grace the Mediterranean: from Super Yachts and Large Motor Yachts, to sleek Sailing Yachts, some orientated for performance, others made more for comfortable cruising style. Among the most enchanting locations are the French Riviera, the amazing Italian, Croatian and Spanish coasts, the wonderful coasts of Malta, and the exceptional lure of Turkey and Greece, the birthplace of civilization. Here at Boatcare we have the perfect Mediterranean Yacht Charters for those who would like to rent a yacht and set out on an extensive and wonderful journey round the Mediterranean Islands!



Yacht leasing is a smart alternative to yacht ownership. Just like car leasing, yacht leasing is becoming an ever more popular activity with yachting enthusiasts and yacht lovers in Malta and the Mediterranean. With Boatcare Trading Limited you can enjoy a yacht for as long as you like without the hassle that comes with yacht ownership. We keep our yachts in tip-top condition, and make sure that you can sit back and enjoy the amazing Maltese Summers and mild winters around  one of the most welcoming islands of the Mediterranean Sea. We can honestly say that have become the leading name for in the "Charter Malta" industry!



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