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Seacurity Marine Safety Equipment

Boatcare Trading Ltd is the official Malta distributor for some of the most renowned and trusted international yacht brands.
These include:

Seacurity Marine Safety Equipment

Boat Safety equipment


SeaCurity GmbH specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of security equipment of all kinds for both professional and recreational boating. Great emphasis is placed on ensuring that all products meet the latest safety regulations in the respective European countries. All products are extensively tested and continuously developed with the aim of continuous improvement.


The offer of SeaCurity GmbH is aimed at retailers in Germany and other European countries. The products are sold under the label SeaCurity, and the customer, the label can with sufficient order quantity but carry.



 Our products


Life rafts for pleasure boat:


 Our product range includes 4 different types of life rafts that are tailored to the needs of the European market.All life rafts are generally offered in three different sizes: for 4, 6 and 8 people. The packaging is done either in a bag or a GRP container.On the liferafts granted SeaCurity GmbH a warranty of 12 years on condition that the islands are regularly serviced in accordance with authorized service stations. The service interval is 3 years.We constantly improve the products after extensive testing under realistic conditions, we like to perform together with our customers.


Life rafts for merchant ships:


Both types of life rafts for merchant ships have a whole new SOLAS and MED 96/98/EC approval.

We offer two different types of life rafts:the so-called Throw-over-islands for the traditional use and the Davit-launched islands as fierbare life rafts.

All parts including the storage racks can also be obtained from SeaCurity GmbH.

The liferafts are packed in GRP containers and be shipped in an overpack made of plywood.

We are looking for service stations in Europe, take both the liferafts for pleasure boats and life rafts for merchant ships. Please contact us if you run us an approved servicing station.


Deck brackets Liferaft Container:


The following deck mounts serve the life rafts for pleasure boats that are packaged in containers on deck of a ship bring / bootes to be sure


Grave Bags:


The emergency of a life raft depends pn the time that you will likly spend on board the life raft.According to ISO 9650-1, Group A distinction is the emergency equipment Pack 2 for a residence time of <24 h, and the emergency equipment Pack 1 for a residence time> 24 hrs

SeaCurity ISO liferaft emergency pack containing 2 at delivery. The emergency pack 2 can be upgraded if required on the emergency equipment pack 1 by the grave Bag offered here, which must have a light color and 30 minutes in the fully packed state should be buoyant.

The content is defined by ISO 9650-1 and is dependent on the capacity of a persons life raft.Therefore, we offer two sizes of grave Bags: The small output for liferafts with a capacity of 4 people and the large output for a capacity of 6 or 8 people.

In addition, the grave Bag is offered in the following two colors neon yellow and neon orange..


Dry Bags:


These waterproof bags are made of TPU coated nylon fabric and guarantee zuvelässig water tightness. On the Einsteckkkarte plastic, which is inserted into a window on the front, you can record the contents of the bag with a waterproof marker. The Dry Bags have inside a padded inlay with praktischebn storage pockets to keep the overview.

Wet suit:

wet suit is necessary part of any emergency equipment for outdoor activities at sea and on land. It is approved according to SOLAS / MED (steering wheel). The inside is coated with aluminum to reduce the Wäremeverlust.


Distress signals:


1 New EU Regulation


In order to ensure the free movement of pyrotechnic articles in the EU Single Market, the EU on 23May 2007 single directive on the marketing of pyrotechnic articles under the name 2007/23/EC adopted. The EU member states have been obliged by up to 4 Convert in January 2010, this Directive into national law and respective regulations no later than 4 July 2013 apply.


Germany has complied with this provision by it took over the EU regulations on 1.10.2009 in its national law on explosives.All pyrotechnic devices, as well as search and rescue signals, accordingly, require approval from one of the so-called Notified Bodies designated in Europe in the future and get the CE mark as proof of conformity.


2 Our distress signals


One of the first products that meet unified legal this new EU and have therefore obtained a CE approval, the distress signals offered here by Zhenhua, who also have a SOLAS / MED approved and the approval of the United States Coast Guard and therefore sold worldwide are allowed.


Hand Torch, red:


Distress signal for position marking

·         Light duration at least 1 minute

·         Light intensity: At least 15,000 candela

·         Delivery to persons at least 18 years


Orange smoke signal:


Release signal for marking purpuses.

·         Smoke Duration: At least 3 min

·         Delivery to persons at least 18 years

Canister for signals waterproof:


A waterproof canister in the signal color yellow with large rotary shutter which is suitable for waterproof storage of articles on board.


Storage case:


Storage case for distress signals, plastic

This case is designed for the storage of our distress signals. It is equipped inside with 2 foam inserts, which prevent slipping and rattling of the article. The case has two handy clips have!

You can equip this case as follows:

·         6 pcs. Torches

·         2 pcs. Smoke signals

·         2 pcs. Parachute flares

 Dimensions inside:


Length 34 cm, width 25, height 10 cm 



Recall distress signals:


Recall of certain batches of distress signals


The Chinese manufacturer Ningbo Zhenhua has informed us that deficiencies in production in some batches of the products sold by us distress signals have been identified that do not ensure in particular cases, the intended function of the distress signal in full


Man-overboard rescue systems:


The two offered man-overboard rescue systems in the form of mountain loops allow quick and safe rescue of persons from the water with the help of this mountain loops, which are each connected to a lifeline.

The Bergeschalufen be secured by Velcro straps or web lashings to the railing, to have them ready for immediate use in an emergency.


Inflatable Lifejackets and accessories:


We offer two types of life jackets / buoyancy aids.


Solid lifejacket:


These lifejackets both have a SOLAS and MED (steering wheel) approval. the lifejacket is available in two sizes: for adults and for children. They are equipped with a whistle and a signal light, which is activated manually. Moreover, they have secured a lifesling on the chest strap, which aims to facilitate the rescue of persons in an emergency.


Survival suit RSF II:


6 hours survival suit with SOLAS and MED (steering wheel) certification by Germanischer Lloyd (GL). Available in two sizes!


Lifeboat and Accessories:


A life belt is standard equipment for any boat.

·         Lifeboat Atlantic

·         Lifeboat Pacific

·         Horseshoe Lifeboat


In addition, we have a signal light for lifebuoys, which is triggered automatically upon contact with water. Another accessory we carry two different lifelines.


For more information please contact us: info@boatcarelimited.com or send us an email via our contact us form.





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