They say a boat owner’s happiest time is the day he buys it and the day he sells it. We at Boatcare are here to make sure the time in between is as rewarding and pleasant by giving you hands off boat ownership whilst breaking costs down into monthly subscriptions so you can plan ahead.

Whether it’s just keeping your boat clean, ready to be taken out or your seasonal maintenance planned out and taken care off we are a subscription away from having it all worry free. The bigger the vessel the bigger the job and our standard monthly fees cover any leisure vessel for the listed packages services, get in touch for a specific monthly breakdown quotation.

Weekly Services
1st 2 outer decks and sides washes ALWAYS FREE
Topside Cleaning
Protective Wax Shampooing of Decks & Topside
Protective Wax Shampooing of Ship sides (1)
Environmentally Friendly Products
At your boat location (2)
Upholstery cleaning and stain removal
Window washing
Hatches and drains & Gutters
Stainless steel cleaning
Covers and Canopies
Weekly Service
Internal Cleaning
Winter Services
Hull Sanding
Grp Antifouling
Metal Antifouling
Seacocks Report
Osmosis Check
Boat Health Check
Engine Service
Rigging Check
Safety Report
Sail check and cleaning
Shipside Polish
Topside Polish
Windlass + Winch Servicing
Per Month Excl. VAT

Terms & Conditions

  1. Shipdsides cleaning is carried out when both port and starboard sides are clear and accessible
  2. General washing and cleaning at locations is done only at locations where water and electricity are available i.e. Marina, Yards etc
  3. Servicing does not include parts and consumables
  4. Summer Subscription Runs from June to September
  5. Weekly services are carried out every week and Seasonal ones are carried out once a year