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Boatcare Trading Ltd is the official Malta distributor for some of the most renowned and trusted international yacht brands. We also stock a vast range of Marine Products.

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 Designed to take the strain off anchor windlasses, Calipso is a mooring spring with a 1...

Price: €106.20

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A unique product, designed to be used on poles. It is easy to attach using bands, and provide...

Price: €82.60

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Designed to protect large areas. Its elasticity allows an optimal curve.  Recommen...

Price: €85.00

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With three models suited to boats weighing from 17 to 45 tonnes, the 3kg Master Mooring 20 is...

Price: €575.38

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This fender is applicable to each type of pier or jetty and provides maximum protection to th...

Price: €63.13

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Providing the most complete peace of mind, the Mega 1 is particularly well suited to concrete...

Price: €142.78

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A mooring fender made with a single molded EVA, non toxic closed cell that does not transfer ...

Price: €120.01

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Designed for concrete structures and is adapted to the perimeter of the port. Its size ...

Price: €209.45

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Douglas Marine have developed the perfect match for the Master Mooring springs.  The Moo...

Price: €88.41

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