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Boatcare Trading Limited’s boat warranty plans provide extensive coverage that give yacht owners peace of mind from any unanticipated repair expenses. Boatcare represents some of the best-extended warranty providers to offer yacht warranty plans that are designed to help owners retain the value of their craft while also enhancing their boating experience.


What’s Covered


Coverage for all Types of Boats and Yachts

Our Boat Warranty Plans cover repair costs, or the replacement costs, of any
covered components that have suffered breakdown during the warranty period,
as long as your boat or yacht is within the geographical limits specified in the
Warranty Plan. Subject to this, you are covered up to the single and aggregate
repair limits as stated on your Warranty Schedule.


Peace of Mind

Eliminate the anxiety you suffer whenever your boat or yacht requires repairs,
knowing that you will have no expensive repair bills to pay, or complicated
repair forms to fill out.


Hassle-Free Claims

All boat warranty claims are paid directly to the dealership or repair facility of your
choice within the geographical limits.


Insurance Backed Warranty Plans

All our Boat Warranty Plans are backed by marine insurance, giving you assurance that your
warranty coverage will be in place for the term of your Warranty Plan.


Hoist / Haul-Out & Storage

All Warranty Plans pay up to £750 for the actual cost of Hoist/Haul-Out and storage
to facilitate diagnostics or repairs.


Transferable Warranty

If you decide to sell your boat, Warranty Plans may be transferred to the new purchaser.


Renewable Warranty Plans

You may renew your craft warranty for as long as you own the craft, subject to age and engine hours.


Eligibility for Our Warranty Plans

You will be eligible to purchase one of our Warranty Plans, providing your craft is:

  • Registered to you throughout your warranty period
  • Engine(s) under 20 years old*
  • Engine(s) less than 10,001 hours run*
  • Located within European Union as at 01 January 2011 plus Croatia and Turkey (but excluding Bulgaria and Romania)

* Engine age is limited to 15 years old where engine hours cannot be reliably recorded. 


Why do I need a Warranty?

Considering that your craft is likely one of the biggest investments that you will make in your life, would it not be logical to avoid mechanical breakdown bills? Each year, 1,000s of yachters are left unprotected when their craft manufacturer's warranty expires, leaving them vulnerable to huge repair bills. Modern vessels are complex and expensive to fix, and the high labour charges alone can be crippling.


Protection throughout Europe Our Boats & Yachts Warranty gives you complete protection if your craft breaks down anywhere throughout Europe. No other warranty company covers more of your vessel and all our Warranty Plans include £750 for the actual cost of Hoist/Haul-Out and storage anytime a covered component fails, to facilitate diagnosis or repairs as standard.


Make Sure You Are Protected 

Most new boats & yachts are backed by hull and engine warranty for 1 or 2 years; our extended Warranty Plans will prolong the coverage of your engine and systems for a specified number of years.


Pre-owned crafts, on the other hand, are generally sold "as is". Our extended Warranty Plans add a layer of protection to your purchase and lets you buy a pre-owned craft with peace of mind. Although boating is fun for you, it takes place in an environment that is hard on your craft. A salty atmosphere, rough seas, heavy engine loads and pressures etc. can all take their toll on your craft, the engines, and its components. This makes our extended Warranty Plans an essential investment.


Boatcare Malta Boats & Yachts Warranty