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Keeping your equipment ship-shape

Whether you’ve been tempted by a new piece of equipment or need to change an old bit of gear on your boat, installing it can be a problem. Limited space, the need to keep every part of the installation neat without inadvertently damaging something else in the process – all this can make upgrading the equipment on your boat a bit of a nightmare.
Boatcare has the skilled staff able to the work to the standards of quality you expect; leveraging the experience they have had over the years to simplify your boat ownership.

We are able to handle anything you throw at us. If you need a new battery charger put in, want to ease your life with a bow thruster or need to change your navigational instruments, we have the people to do the job well. We can also install real or imitation teak decking, air conditioning, refrigeration, water makers, telescopic gangways or trim tabs, and can handle complete mechanical or electrical refits.


Keeping cool

During the height of summer, the heat in the cabin can become almost unbearable. It can be controlled, however, with air conditioning. There are systems suited to almost any craft, and while the basic principles remain the same the systems can be very different – so it is important to ensure you get the air conditioning suited to your boat.

The marine air conditioners Boatcare supplies come in a protective casing designed to both protect the components of the system and to provide a very silent air flow. The panels are easily removable for repairs or general maintenance, and for systems intended for small spaces, or where even the least noise is a problem we can supply split unit systems with the compressor placed in any convenient space far from the living areas, usually in the stern, away from the blowers in the cabins.

For maximum efficiency, the separate compressor comes with a double tube condenser through which cooling seawater is circulated by a sea water pump. This compressor can drive more than two evaporator plates, thus cooling a number of different spaces on board. The systems are then regulated via a digital control panel or an RF remote control.

Boatcare can supply air conditioning systems in a variety of sizes, starting from 7,000 BTU all the way to 42,000 BTU. Call us for a quotation, of just for advice on the sort of system that would suit your boat. We are ready to provide a tailor made solution that matches your needs.


Cool drinks and fresh food

One of the most basic needs, especially in the Mediterranean heat is refrigeration. An ice box will do at a pinch, but it really is a fridge you want, whether it’s to keep a couple of six-packs of beer cool or to keep a week’s supply of food fresh.

At Boatcare, we will repair and maintain your existing fridge and even, if you don’t have one yet, install one in any suitable space, even if there is no ice box on board. You can even have a freezer put in. The systems we install are driven by a 12V/24V compressor, which can also run on a 240V a/c supply when you’re hooked up to shore power. We can also use a 240V compressor only, or a mechanically driven compressor hooked up to an inboard motor. The last two options are more limited, however.

Condensers can be either air or water cooled, and the evaporator panels that do the actual cooling of the ice-box are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. We can even install an icemaker kit, inside your existing freezer compartment or as a new installation, as long as a 240V supply is available.

Price and capability vary across the different systems. We will be happy to suggest a set up to suit your needs and your boat’s capabilities, and provide you with a quote on a tailor-made solution. Just call us!

Side Thrusters

Lateral control

Caught in a tight situation with a strong cross wind pushing your bow out of the straight and narrow? Most of us have, and we’ve all longed for something to help us keep that bow pointing exactly where we want it to go.

The answer is side thrusters sitting neatly in their channel through the hull. Designed to deliver a controlled sideways force, they are able to help keep directional stability and to avoid the bow or stern swinging out of control. To get the best performance in all sorts of weather and water conditions, the side thruster needs to be powerful enough for the size and weight of the boat it’s installed on. Not enough power at the crucial moment could spell disaster.

Boatcare have the experience and technical capability to determine the correct power requirements and thruster type for your boat, to ensure reliable performance every time you use it.

Call us for a quote!

Teak decking

The luxury of wood

There is something to be said for teak – it’s hard wearing and beautiful at the same time. If laid properly, it should last for decades. We’ll lay your new teak deck the way very few people are able to – with top quality material out of teak stockpiles, the old fashioned way. And if you prefer, we can also supply and install imitation teak at a fraction of the cost.

Telescopic gangways

Boarding comfort

Let’s face it, to really be able to get on and off your boat to the pontoon or quay, nothing is more convenient than an electro-hydraulic gangway. No more awkward manhandling a heavy plank into position: all it takes is a push of a button. And being telescopic, it stows away nicely when you’re out of your berth.

Electro-hydraulic gangways come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. They can be operated through a hand held controller or a fixed, digital panel. You can have them with stanchions, too, either automatic or manual. The gangways themselves are made of stainless steel and teak, or of lighter, stronger carbon fiber.

At Boatcare, we have handled all sorts of installations, in some cases including the reinforcement, redesign and rebuilding of the stern to accommodate the new gangway.