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Boatcare Services

Giving close attention to clients' needs, always offering efficient services tailored to meet each individual demand.
Anti-Fouling / Yard Works Malta, Services Malta, Malta Yard Works

Anti-Fouling / Yard Works

Boatcare Trading Limited’s strength is the quality and scope of the boat repair services and yard work it offers its clients, and it is now one of Malta’s...
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Boats & Yachts Warranty Malta, Services Malta, Boats Warranty Malta

Boats & Yachts Warranty

Boatcare Trading Limited’s boat warranty plans provide extensive coverage that give yacht owners peace of mind from any unanticipated repair expenses.  ...
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Chandlery Malta, Services Malta, Malta yachting and Chandlery


Boatcare operates a chandlery shop from the luxurious, 5-gold-anchor Portomaso Marina. Whether you're permanently moored in Malta or just visiting, you'll find all...
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Crew Recruitment Malta, Services Malta, Malta Yacht Crew Recruitment

Crew Recruitment

  Need a hand on board your boat? No matter what it might be, We have a team of dedicated individuals who are excellent at their job and are always ready to...
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Engine Cooling System Cleaner Malta, Services Malta, Seawater engine cooling system cleaner Malta

Engine Cooling System Cleaner

Is Your Engine Overheating?  A/C Not Cooling? Clogged Pipes? This bio-degradable seawater engine flush dissolves water scale, rust and other metal oxides without...
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Insurance Malta, Services Malta, Malta Boat and Yacht Insurance


Need insurance for your boat? You can get the cover you’re after right here at Boatcare! We pride ourselves on our service as a one stop shop for everything you may...
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Jet Ski floating docks Malta, Services Malta, Portomaso Marina is the first marina in Malta to provide floating docks for jet skis.

Jet Ski floating docks

Portomaso Marina, operated by Boatcare Trading Ltd, is the first marina in Malta to provide floating docks for jet skis, saving owners the trouble of deploying them in and...
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Malta Yacht Registration Malta, Services Malta, Malta yacht registration - Malta Marine Registration

Malta Yacht Registration

Procedure to Register Yachts and Superyachts in Malta
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Osmosis Treatments Malta, Services Malta, Malta boating

Osmosis Treatments

GRP (glass reinforced plastic of fiberglass) is a very good boatbuilding material. It is strong, relatively easy to work and mould, and needs a lot less maintenance than...
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Shrink Wrapping Malta, Services Malta, Malta Motor Boat Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrapping

Boatcare Trading Ltd. offers all the boat shrink wrapping services and products produced by well established makers. 
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Super Yacht Services Malta, Services Malta, Malta super yachts

Super Yacht Services

Malta has a lot to offer superyacht owners and crews, starting with location. Strategically positioned at the centre of the Mediterranean, the island offers a good base from...
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Yacht Installation Malta, Services Malta, Malta yachts

Yacht Installation

Whether you’ve been tempted by a new piece of equipment or need to change an old bit of gear on your boat, installing it can be a problem. Limited space, the need to...
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Yacht Management Malta, Services Malta, Malta Boat Maintenance

Yacht Management

Yacht management includes an enormous variety of different things. It has been said that each hour you spend on the water costs two hours of work and organisation:...
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