Author: kenneth

How to be a good skipper

Our tips and tricks to becoming the best skipper around! No two skippers are the same and everyone has different characteristics. However, if you want to learn how to be a good skipper, we have got a few tips and tricks up our sleeve that you can follow. For starters, calm and confidence goes a […]

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Our Boatcare Services

We’re at your service! Take a look at our boat and yacht services, specifically designed for your needs. Here at Boatcare Trading Ltd, we are forever at your service. Being one of the leading yacht management and yacht charter companies on the Maltese Islands, we are proud to give close attention to our client’s needs […]

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How to Maintain Your Boat

Your handy boat maintenance checklist and essential cleaning tips to take care of your pride and joy. Similar to the same care and attention that you give to your car, boat maintenance should be at the top of your list, irrespective of whether you own a small boat or a yacht. With proper care, your […]

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