Embark on a Journey of Unmatched Luxury with Boatcare Trading Limited.

Set sail into the heart of the Mediterranean’s splendour with Boatcare Trading Limited, Malta’s leading purveyor of luxury yacht charters. Our private yacht charters offer an escape into a world where your desires steer the course, blending adventure with the pinnacle of luxury.

Luxurious Escapes
Your journey begins at any point of preference, where your private yacht awaits. As soon as you step aboard, you are transported into an oasis of sophistication and luxury. Our yachts are designed with elegance in mind, from sumptuous lounging areas to state-of-the-art navigational technology, ensuring your journey is as comfortable as it is memorable. Our dedicated crew, experts in hospitality and seamanship, are on hand to cater to your every need, ensuring every moment on board is a testament to luxury.

Tailored Experiences Just for You
At Boatcare Trading Limited, we believe in creating personalized itineraries that reflect your unique preferences and desires. Whether you dream of a romantic escape under the stars, an adventurous family voyage exploring hidden coves, or a distinguished corporate event that leaves a lasting impression, we tailor each detail to perfection. From gourmet dining prepared by private chefs to exhilarating water sports and exclusive on-shore excursions, every aspect of your charter is meticulously planned to ensure an unforgettable experience.

Discover Breathtaking Destinations
Cruise the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean and uncover the secrets of Malta’s stunning coastline. Our charters offer exclusive access to secluded bays, historical harbours and quaint villages, providing a unique perspective on the island’s rich heritage and breathtaking natural beauty. Dive into the azure sea, bask on untouched beaches and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and history of the Maltese Islands. Each destination invites you to explore and connect with the serene beauty of the Mediterranean.

Exclusive Events on the Water
Elevate your special occasions with a private yacht charter, creating a backdrop of luxury and exclusivity for your events. Ideal for intimate gatherings, milestone celebrations, or sophisticated corporate functions, our yacht provides a versatile and elegant setting. Our experienced crew specializes in event planning, ensuring every detail, from décor to catering, is flawless. Impress your guests with a unique experience that combines the allure of the sea with unparalleled luxury.

Create Unforgettable Memories
Aboard your private yacht, every moment is an opportunity to create lasting memories. Witness the majesty of the Mediterranean sunset, share laughter and joy with loved ones, or find serene solitude on the open sea. Our commitment is to provide an experience that transcends the ordinary, where luxury, adventure and moments of bliss converge.

Your Mediterranean Odyssey Awaits
If you’re yearning for a travel experience that redefines luxury and personalization, Boatcare Trading Limited is your gateway to the extraordinary. Contact us today at +356 2138 8050 / +356 7938 8050 or via email at sales@boatcarelimited.com to embark on your luxurious Mediterranean adventure. Adventure, opulence and memories for a lifetime await you.