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Yacht Wintering

Yacht wintering is one of the most essential steps in boat care. It has come to that time of the year where we have to make plans and take some decisions! You have had a wonderful Summer on your yacht and maybe you have also managed to visit a good number of countries, however, as

Jetski Pontoons Available

Pontoons Malta | We have now opened bookings for our Jetski Pontoons for the upcoming season (April – September) Limited spaces are available and on a first come first serve basis. Contact us for more information.

18 Tips To Have Your Boat Ready & Prepared For Winter Sailing!

The sea is where not only the body but also the soul relaxes. It is a place where one can totally decompress and re-energize. In Malta, we are very fortunate to be surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, plus our geographical position makes us more so since we have good weather for the 300 out of