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We’re at your service! Take a look at our boat and yacht services, specifically designed for your needs. Here at Boatcare Trading Ltd, we are forever at your service. Being one of the leading yacht management and yacht charter companies on the Maltese Islands, we are proud to give close attention to our client’s needs

The Must-See Bays in Malta, Comino and Gozo

There is something spectacularly special when you’re exploring the Maltese Islands by boat. The Maltese Islands are known for beautiful bays and beaches. Not only should you be mesmerised by their beauty, but Malta also ranks very high in Europe with having some of the cleanest beaches. A few beaches are also blue flag certified

How to Maintain Your Boat

Your handy boat maintenance checklist and essential cleaning tips to take care of your pride and joy. Similar to the same care and attention that you give to your car, boat maintenance should be at the top of your list, irrespective of whether you own a small boat or a yacht. With proper care, your

Yacht and Boat Chartering in Malta & Gozo

Why you should choose a boat charter and choose the best location for you It has become quite common for people to be more inclined towards boat chartering than buying their own boat or yacht, and with good reason. Yacht and boat charter experiences come with huge benefits when compared to the expenses of buying

How to keep your kids happy and safe whilst on the boat!

It is the middle of Summer and the peak of Boating season here in Malta, of course for all boat lovers this is the time of year we all wait for with so much anticipation and we usually also manage to get a few days off work to spend them on our boat away from

The Health Benefits of Sailing

Picture this: sailing in Malta, in the open waters, sunset on the horizon, the smell of seawater and the tingling in your nostrils from the salt, the feeling of freedom, the adrenaline in your body, and total calmness around you… Most of the time we think of sailing as a hobby, or sport, as a way

Why June is the best month for Boating!

The temperature is finally rising, and even though the weather is still playing up, it makes it an optimal time to go boating with your own vessel or perhaps rent a boat!  OK, we do know that with the kind of weather which we are lucky to have in Malta, boating season never really ends,

Why Should You Buy Or Sell Your Boat At A Boat Show?

Whether you are a first-time buyer who just decided to take their interest in boating a step further, or whether you want to sell a boat to get an upgrade, attending a Boat Show is a must! If you are new to boating, or a seasoned boater, attending a boat show always opens the doors