Why June is the best month for Boating!

The temperature is finally rising, and even though the weather is still playing up, it makes it an optimal time to go boating with your own vessel or perhaps rent a boat! 

OK, we do know that with the kind of weather which we are lucky to have in Malta, boating season never really ends, and we can still use our boat sporadically during most of the winter months, however, it is a touch and go situation, and you never know whether you are able to free yourself from your other commitments and go boating. Also, during a part of the winter, your boat is most likely going to be having works and maintenance done and so will not be available to use.

 In this blog today we are going to give you reasons why you should have your boat all prepped and ready so as to be able to take full advantage of those days when the sun is shining and the seas are calm.

1. Cleaner Seas

Unfortunately, we all know that the busier a place gets, the dirtier it also gets!  As we all know the Maltese Islands are very small and it does not take very long for our bays to become all polluted with fuel and oils from the large number of boats which are out at sea during peak periods of the Summer.  Also due to rougher winter weather and strong currents and winds, the water beds and bays would be cleaned from any unwanted items which settle on the sea bed during the summer months. 

2. Less crowded bays

I think that this is one of the most valid reasons why one should take the opportunity and go boating at this time of year! Children are still in school, and most people still have commitments from their winter routines, and so there is no holiday mode yet in the air. This makes it the perfect time to grab the opportunity of the weather and take some days off from your daily work routine, and fully enjoy your boat. The bays are nearly empty at this time of year, even the ones which are usually so crowded that you can barely get access to in the peak Summer months. 

3. Peace and Quiet

Of course, less crowded bays will give way to more peace and quiet. No blaring loud music, and no one screaming from the top of their lungs from one boat to another, and no horribly loud horns every 5 minutes coming from the large tourist cruisers. Just pure peacefulness, it cannot get any better than that! 

4. Privacy

Of course with the limited space around our islands, during peak season it is very difficult to enjoy any privacy in any of the bays around Malta.  Very similar to our car situation, most people in Malta now have boats, and this is making mooring in most bays more difficult, creating a situation where boats have to moor very close to each other. This obviously gives you no privacy whatsoever.  

5. Deeper Locations

Fewer boats around will obviously give you the opportunity to access deeper locations around any of the islands.  This is something which you can only experience at the very start of the season, and you can fully enjoy the beauty and marvels of our most precious bays. 

6. Less Swell

With fewer boats around, especially motor boats, there will surely be less swell around. This will surely make your day more pleasant with no rocking of your boat, especially for those individuals who tend to get seasick!  

7. Cheaper Rates

Not having your own boat, does not have to make it impossible for anyone to enjoy boating at this time of year. Actually, one should take advantage and rent a boat at this time of year and benefit from lower rates than they would have to pay if it were peak season.  Rent a boat in Malta and discover the beauty of the Maltese coastline. Enjoy the luxury of cruising around this lovely island, whilst spending a relaxed day with family, friends, or even colleagues and enjoying total privacy. 

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