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We’re at your service! Take a look at our boat and yacht services, specifically designed for your needs.

Here at Boatcare Trading Ltd, we are forever at your service. Being one of the leading yacht management and yacht charter companies on the Maltese Islands, we are proud to give close attention to our client’s needs and offer efficient services, tailored to each and every one of you. 

We’re here to run through our Boatcare services, namely our yacht travelling services, our visitor yacht services in Malta and our Boatcare yacht services.

Yacht Travelling Services

boatcare services

Travelling is an exciting time but planning and organisation can be a nightmare, especially if you are new to a yacht/boat charter. Our boat and yacht services are here to make your life easier. Boatcare can offer a variety of travelling services

For starters, we can help you with berthing your boat at one of Malta’s top marinas. You might be at a loss at which marina to choose on the island. Whether it’s the most demanded and centrally located, top service at Portomaso Marina you are after, or any other marina on the island such, we will analyse your needs and pick the right location for you.  

Our boatcare services also go into bunkering in which we will help you facilitate the process of getting on your way, on time, with safe and clean fuel. 

We’re also able to give a helping hand when it comes to stocking up on fresh supplies and necessities and itinerary planning for your trip to the Maltese Islands. 

Travelling has never seemed easier with our boat and yacht services!

Visitor Yacht Services in Malta

Here at Boatcare, we offer visitor yacht services in Malta and Gozo. We take pride in being a one stop shop for our customers and we are fast and reliable in our boatcare services. Here are some of the top services we offer to visitors: 

  • Chauffeur and taxi services – We can take you to numerous locations around the Maltese Islands by providing chauffeur, taxi or mini-van services. Car hire is also available on request.  
  • Courier services – With our reliable courier services, we will assure that your mail/package is sent abroad in a secure manner. 
  • Freight handling – Freight forwarding services that are specifically tailored to your needs. 
  • Hiring a boat in Malta and Gozo – Some of Malta’s best attractions can only be accessible by boat. We will help you hire a boat to tour around the Maltese Islands. 
  • Hotel book in Malta and Gozo – Our boatcare services also extend to hotel booking on the island. 
  • VIP concierge services – Whatever your needs, you can rely on our VIP concierge services
  • Ordinary residence for EU & Non-EU nationals – We will let you know everything that you need to obtain an ordinary residence, whether you are an EU or non-EU national. 
  • Private air travel – Whether for business or leisure, we can provide you with private air travel via a private jet. 
  • Private boat trips around Malta & Gozo – We can help you organise a private boat trip with family and friends. 

Property in Malta and Gozo – If you’re thinking about investing in a property in Malta and Gozo, we’re here to help. 

Boatcare Yacht Services

Looking after your boat/yacht, especially in the winter season, can be time consuming. If you are finding the maintenance too stressful, fret no more as our Boatcare yacht services can help you out. Apart from making sure that your yacht registration is in place and hiring the perfect crew for your personal needs, we can also manage your yacht, take care of your insurance and check up on your warranty plans and follow-ups.

When it comes to your yacht’s physical maintenance, we will take care of any installation that needs to be done before the summer boating season. We will perform anti-fouling works, service your boat engine, take care of your marine equipment and chandlery, shrink wrapping and handle your osmosis treatments.

boatcare services

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