How to be a good skipper

Our tips and tricks to becoming the best skipper around!

No two skippers are the same and everyone has different characteristics. However, if you want to learn how to be a good skipper, we have got a few tips and tricks up our sleeve that you can follow. For starters, calm and confidence goes a long way when you are a skipper, especially when you experience mishaps and crisis on a boat or yacht. 

how to be a good skipper

So, what makes a good skipper?

The skipper is acting as the captain on board, responsible for the vessel, the passengers and crew, and also for the trip itself.

The skipper needs to be able to manoeuvre the boat perfectly while being able to keep the guests feeling relaxed and entertained at all times. The atmosphere on board has to remain positive while the skipper is to ensure that the guests are behaving safely. A good skipper remains calm irrespective of the situation and of any breakdowns the boat might have, or any other mishaps happening on-board.  The guests need to be guided by the skipper and they need to feel safe with the person, who should in return be a point of reference for everyone.

Tips on how to be a good skipper.
  • Communication is key – it is important that everyone knows his or her role and responsibilities. In a crisis, you will need to avoid misunderstandings due to poor communication. 
  • Act calm and confident – keep a cool and collected head. The crew will appreciate a calm and confident skipper while sailing away.
  • Be fair and listen to your crew – the crew is your family on a boat or a yacht. Treat them with respect as much as you would your loved ones at home. 
  • Be readily available at all times – have everything ready at all times and communicate with the crew. Documents, clothes, food – be organised and timely. 
  • Perform decisive decisions – an indecisive skipper does not embody trust, and this can cause a bad vibe within the team. Be firm when making decisions. 

Don’t be afraid to give responsibility to other crew members as this will make your team more effective. Part of your job is to explain and teach your crew. Even though it might be easier and quicker to get the job done yourself, it is important for crew members to learn, as they will take away some burden when it is needed to.

Ensure that safety is followed at all times.
how to be a good skipper

Make safety a priority not just on deck but even in the galley. Wear life jackets and respect the environment. Make sure to carry out the respective drills before departure and pay attention to detail. It is also crucial to communicate your plans with your crew.

Listen to your crew and be the best leader you can be.

Sometimes, your crew might be more experienced than you which might cause some friction. However, make sure to listen to your crew and to what they have to say. Try to maintain a balance between listening and rejecting ideas where necessary. 

Learning how to be a good skipper is crucial if you want to be a good leader and lead your ship to great things. No two captains are the same, however, learning how to become a good leader plays a big role in becoming the best skipper around. 

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