Choosing the right FENDERS for your boat!

The community within the recreational boating sector for business or passion are all aware of how significant it is to take care of their nautical investment. Hence, it is very important to do your research well and determine what equipment is best for your boat. You should also be aware about what services your chosen marine offers in terms of mooring and protection.

The first step when choosing fenders is to choose the appropriate size for your boat. This equipment will only be effective if they are fastened correctly; as a good technique will ensure that they progressively absorb the bumps which ensures safety and comfort on board

In this article, we will be guiding you on how to choose the correct fenders for your specific vessel.


There is a huge selection of fenders, which are suitable for different vessels and situations. However, people usually opt for cylindrical double-eye fenders for shorter and lighter vessels while round fenders are best for heavier and larger vessels.


Cylindrical double eye fenders are usually hanged vertically, but in some situations, they are also hung horizontally with two fender lines.

On the other hand, center hole fenders are usually hung horizontally, but can also be hanged vertically with one fender line running through the middle and figure eight knots at each end.

But how would one know which option is best for their boat?

Hang them vertically when your vessel is moored against a flat structure or against a dock.

Hang them horizontally to fend against protruding structures such as pilings and prevent roll-off.

One can also opt for specialty fenders. These will add protection to your boat for relatively few dollars, and this amounts to cheap insurance compared to costly repair expenses.


There are three key factors to consider when buying these products:

  • Vessel Weight
  • Vessel Length
  • Mooring Conditions

The standard procedure is that a cylindrical fender should have 1’’ diameter and a round fender should have a 2’’ diameter for every 4’to 5’of vessel length.

See the sizing chart below for more specific sizing and type guidelines.


Basically, a 20’ boat would approximately require 3 and a 40’boat would require 4 fenders.


  • One placed at the maximum beam
  • One placed at the aft
  • One placed at the fore.

However, this is the minimum requirement. Therefore, it would be better to have more.


Fenders should hang 2 inches above seawater level. This will prevent from having them pushed up and out of position.


When cleaning them make sure to use a product without harsh cleaning agents such as acetone. As these will for sure damage your fenders. a cleaning spray that is ideal for fenders and is available in our outlet is the Italia Marine Inflat Cleaner . If you want to go the extra step, you can also purchase fender covers that will protect the fenders from all elements.

If you are still indesisive of which fenders are the most suitable for your vessel. Give us a call on +356 21388050 and we will do our best to assist you in choosing the right equipment from our vast selection.

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