Which Mooring Spring?

Mooring springs are used to help reduce tension in mooring lines. Mooring springs help to decrease the rocking of a boat when berthed in a marina, creating a more stable and comfortable environment for the passengers. They also ensure safety by reducing tension within the mooring lines and greatly reducing the forces acting upon the cleats at the stern.

If you are leaving your boat for any length of time in a marina, the mooring spring will help protect the vessel in a high gale, especially when there’s no one there to check the moorings. So itโ€™s quite essential to choose good quality mooring springs.


The market offers a huge selection of mooring springs with different techniques and materials. However, today we will list a few different options, which can be found in our outlet, such as the Douglas Marine, and high quality and innovative Inmare products.

INMARE products are full of Italian creativity, functionality, and quality. These features combine to characterize the INMARE brand and define a clear evolution of the boat and marine industry. Through steady material research, distinctive design, and continuous technological upgrading INMARE guarantees maximum safety and comfort in every respect of the mooring.

mooring springs
Inmare Mooring Springs
  • Nereide mooring springs unlike stainless steel springs which work in compression, these INMARE mooring springs work in extension. These shock absorbers are made of UV-stable thermoplastic compounds. Which makes them resistant to high temperatures, do not leave traces of color, do not scratch the hull, and do not degrade in the marine environment, even if left for long periods in the water. They are also very light in weight and come in a very small size compared to other mooring springs.
  • Nereide Top-line mooring springs are also made of UV-stable thermoplastic compounds. They are also designed to assure maximum comfort during permanence in the harbor. Strengthened even further on the junctures thanks to exclusive internal inserts. Its material absorbs even the most violent jerks in a progressive and smooth way. A supremely high-quality spring, resistant to UV radiations, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

Douglas Marine Products have an entire selection of high resisting mooring shock absorbers that are suitable for boats up to 40 meters. These are the result of years research, tests and experience.

mooring springs
Douglas Marine Mooring Springs
  • Silenced springs are made from specific HR stainless steel and are equipped with anti-tension limit switches and the particular heads allow a perfect ability during traction. This equipment is ideal for boats up to 52 feet.
  • Master mooring guarantees a progressive shock absorber action thanks to elastomers of differentiated hardness. Their weight is 1/4 of other nautical shock absorbers of the same kind. They also have a resistance of over 400.000 cycles at the end of a stroke ( at maximum compression).

Material and size

When choosing a mooring spring the first question you need to ask yourself is whether you prefer stainless steel mooring springs or UV-stable thermoplastic mooring springs.

If you opt for the stainless steel ones, make sure to spray them with a protective spray. Although they are s/steel and are highly resistant to corrosion, spraying them would ensure a longer lifespan.

In terms of size, the requirements are the same as when choosing a boat fender. Choosing a size too small will create forces that are excessively big for the shock absorber to handle which may lead to snapping the equipment. Conversely, choosing a size too large will not help to reduce the force as the tensile forces will not enlarge enough to prompt a change in the stiffness coefficient of the spring.

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