Yacht and Boat Chartering in Malta & Gozo

Why you should choose a boat charter and choose the best location for you

It has become quite common for people to be more inclined towards boat chartering than buying their own boat or yacht, and with good reason. Yacht and boat charter experiences come with huge benefits when compared to the expenses of buying your own yacht. 

For starters, owning a boat is expensive, even for the rich and wealthy. It is estimated that a vessel’s annual operating costs come close to 10% of its initial value. The cost is inevitably higher when you take into consideration the cost for fuel, boat insurance, maintenance, your crew’s salaries and dockage fees. 

Buying a boat might be worth the expenses if you plan on spending several months of the year living on it. However, the reality is that a boat charter is the smarter option and we’re here to tell you why. 

The Advantages of a Boat Charter

boat charter

Let’s face it – when chartering a yacht, you can customise your own experience. Apart from the evident fact that buying a boat can be expensive, renovating a boat that you purchased a while back can also be costly. However, when choosing a boat charter, you can simply select one with the amenities that you intend on using on your boating experience. 

Another advantage is that instead of employing your own staff and paying their salaries, you can charter a boat with the captain and crew included. You can also pick and choose additional crew services to be included in your charter experience. 

Finally, if you are a boat enthusiast, a boat charter can be the perfect experience to prepare you towards owning your own yacht or boat! There is no better way to accustom yourself to the different aspects of boating than by experiencing it first-hand. 

Who knows…you might realise that a yacht charter is more convenient after all, and a more relaxing pastime to spend time with family and friends?

Choosing the Best Location for the Ultimate Charter Experience

There is no better way to experience the beauty of the Maltese Islands than by cruising in the Mediterranean waters. Malta and Gozo are incredibly beautiful islands on land but exploring scenic places on your yacht or boat will showcase the islands on a whole other level. The water is lined with an abundance of caves, ruins under water and reefs which make these spots also ideal for snorkelling! We are listing down some of the best locations to cruise around the island when chartering a boat. 

Fomm ir-Rih 

Fomm ir-Rih can be easily accessible by boat but not so much on foot, which makes it the perfect location for cruising! This remote bay is located on the north-west side of Malta, in the vicinity of Bahrija. Fomm ir-Rih is surrounded by cliffs and valleys that will look incredible when sightseeing on a boat. The water is crystal clear which makes it an ideal spot for snorkelling. You can even chill out on the pebbly shore if you decide to set anchors at this bay. 


The greener sister island! Gozo is a holiday spot for locals and foreigners who visit Malta. While there’s endless scenic routes that you can take on foot, Gozo is also known for incredible beaches and bays that you can cruise around when chartering your yacht. Dwejra Bay is a very common spot among boaters, and it is also close to Fungus Rock and its famous cliff backdrop. 


A small island that is situated between Malta and Gozo. Comino is a favourite tourist spot that is very popular among divers and snorkelers. You cannot charter a boat without a visit to The Blue Lagoon and the picturesque bay of Santa Marija. Its emerald waters make the perfect swimming spot. 

Maltese Bays

The list is endless – Golden Bay, Riviera, Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, Paradise Bay, Mellieha Ghadira Bay. You name it and, in our opinion, they are all worth a visit. Each one boasts of incredible views and visiting on a boat or yacht will make your experience a more tranquil and less crowded one. 


One of the best things about the Maltese Islands is that it is very close to Sicily. Explore the Sicilian coast during your boating experience and discover new places you have never seen before. We can assure you that everything looks better at sea!

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