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It’s time to take to the seas again and truly enjoy the high life, whether you love to travel or just staying put, a cruise gives you both – vivid journeys through the sea while staying on your yacht.

Yachting is the modern equivalent of true opulence, it is one of the most exciting experiences of a traveler’s life, challenging as well as thrilling – an experience of freedom – the endless blue sea before you and the canvas of the glorious sky above you.

 If you believe in living your life to the fullest, there is nothing quite like charting the seaways like those sea travelers of yore.

For international travelers from Europe, North Africa, or even the Middle East, traveling through the Mediterranean becomes essential as they set out on their yachts to destinations abroad. 

For those (from the Mediterranean) wishing to pass through the Strait of Gibraltar, a stop is suggested in Malta to stock up on essentials and have a thorough inspection of their yacht/vessel for truly international travels. This may take you through the same sea routes the famed Portuguese navigator Vasco Da Gama took, on his way to South Africa and then onwards to India.

For such excursions, a complete yacht inspection is mandatory for all manner of vessels.

Malta: Home Away From Home

Malta lies at the very heart of the Mediterranean. Whether you set off from Spain to Greece or Turkey to Tunisia, Malta is where all your cruises will pass through.

It’s the perfect stopping point en route to your final destination. You can rest awhile (it’s a near 1000-mile journey from Spain to Malta!) – kick up your shoes – and choose from the hotels surrounding the Marina, visit and explore the malls and shops nearby, or go eat at several hotels all within walking distance.

As a part of the European Union, Malta offers visa-free access to all travelers from Europe, the U.K, and the Schengen Area, so you would not need prior documentation to access Maltese shores, apart from Covid-19 related paperwork.

It boasts several marinas, essential for yacht-docking and service. Long-distance sea travels take a toll on your yacht and it is a no-brainer to get your boat checked and serviced by professionals – after all, a luxurious yacht deserves befitting care.

Malta’s Premier Marina

Ideally placed at the secluded north of St. Julian’s Bay, and surrounded by hotels, restaurants, and malls, Portomaso is surely the place to dock as you bid the sea adieu and land in Malta.

As you approach the bustling marina entrance, Portomaso welcomes you to Malta. This place, with its iconic views and ready facilities, is sure to become your preferred travel and yacht-service stop whenever you plan your future cruises.

The Portomaso Marina is capably berthing a sizable number of yachts/vessels all year round – from small boats to over 20-meter yachts, this marina is where the majority of vessels will be berthed with ease and in complete security and peace of mind. The marina also offers protection against stormy seas and has layout protection against rough sea conditions.

Seafarers who make a stop at Malta will be greeted by a country rich in history, with several fortresses adding to the grandeur of Maltese history. Some remarkable forts (in sound condition) date back to the 13th
century, and a few even from the Bronze Age (3300-1200 BC).

For all residency needs, several hotels are walking distance from wherever you berth your yacht in Portomaso. The nearest is the Hilton Hotel, right beside the marina and it surrounds the marina in its entirety.

A variety of restaurants is close by as well, from pizzerias to fine dining, suitable for more romantic settings (night views of the port are heaven!) or even business lunches.

Maltese tourist attractions include ‘The End of Cold War Memorial’ for the history buffs, the cultural center for all those Instagram-worthy photos, Calypso Cave and Ramla Bay (of the famous “The Odyssey” lore) – and if you fancy seeing old shipwrecks, just put your gear on and head down to the ‘HMS Maori Wreck’ (the water is shallow so it should be easy to spot.)

Boatcare Trading Ltd.

Boatcare Trading Ltd. has established itself as the leading yacht service and charter company on the Maltese islands; we are the pioneers of quality service in all things boating & travel.

Planning to dock in a marina on your travels, you would always have that lingering fear of the ‘what if..?’ – What if my boat isn’t in expert hands? What if any berth I go to doesn’t suit my tastes? What if it isn’t secure?  What if I don’t like the services?

We’re here to put all your fears to rest. Boatcare Trading Ltd. is run by true professionals, who have been in the boat care business for long enough to know how to deal with all your little worries.

A first-class yacht deal-and-service company, Boatcare Trading Ltd. handles the berthing and servicing needs of the yachts and vessels entering Malta or Gozo (to the north). 

That is not all of it through – our extensive list of services includes all your travel-and-stay needs while in Malta. Whatever you choose to do in Malta, we make sure you always have the best of the best, in service, recommendations and in all arrangements.

Our extensive portfolio of services include:

360-degree yacht service: Once you dock in your preferred marina, whether Portomaso or elsewhere, we’ll carry out a full inspection of your yacht/vessel to determine and carry out a host of yacht-related services:

  • Routine service and maintenance
  • Supply any spare parts needed
  • Repair works
  • Complete interior, exterior and window cleaning
  • Checking electronics/appliances for correct functioning
  • Checking of oil level coolant
  • Inspection of engine room
  • Supervision of all systems to make sure that they’re running correctly

Chauffeur and taxi services: Our excellent transport services come with a chauffeur to take you around the Maltese islands, or if you wish to rent a car, that can be arranged as well.

Courier Services: Give us your courier items, then sit back and relax, and let us get your mail or package to wherever you want it to be, securely.

Hotel Bookings: Wherever you intend to stay on Malta or Gozo, just tell us your preferred specifics and we’ll recommend and book a hotel best suited to your needs.

Air Travel: Should you wish to book a flight to some other destination, we’ve got everything covered. Also, we provide private jet services for more customized travel itineraries.

Day Trips:  There is no better way to witness Malta in all its glory than to take guided day trips through the length and breadth of Malta and Gozo. You can head up to the fortified medieval city of Mdina, and marvel at the carefully persevered structures of the old city.

Or a journey down to the Tarxien Temples (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), built-in around 3150 BC and restored by the Maltese government.

Another worthy trip could be to the Ramla Bay, consistently labeled as the best beach in Malta – with its crystal clear waters and pristine sandy beach.

Property Investments: Thinking of diving into the Maltese property market? We are here to help. Whatever category of real estate may strike your fancy, Boatcare Ltd. ensures you are well-guided and well-advised on all matters of investment.

Private Boat Trips:  There is tons to see around the Maltese and Gozo coasts, and we arrange the perfect vessel for you (with friends or family).

Boat Sale: If the purpose of your trip to Malta is boat sale or purchase, then we have several options lined up for you to conduct your business with ease.

Yacht Brands & Marine Products: Boatcare Ltd. is the official distributor in Malta for many reputed international brands and marine products. These include, among others: anchoring and stainless steel fittings, maintenance products, outboards, water gears and mooring accessories.

Boatcare Welcomes You To Malta

Whenever you head down the Mediterranean and visit Malta en route, let Boatcare Ltd. make your stop flawless and memorable. Through our continued excellence in quality service and complete care of all our guests, Boatcare Ltd. Is here to be your top partner in all things Malta.

At Boatcare, we care.

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